Roland A: TD-20SX Electronic Drum Set: Product Report.

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Roland TD-20SX electronic drum set
Roland TD-20SX electronic drum set
The Roland TD-20SX Electronic Drum Set is said to be the best electronic drum set in the world, by many, but how good is it really? We’ll take a look at what is being said by people who’ve used one. We’ll be covering the features below, but first here are a few user comments . . . “Excellent drum set ” . . . (by anonymous owner, MusiciansFriend).

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Contents:- Features, Pros/Cons, Alternatives, User feedback, Summary.

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“In my opinion, if you want the best electronic drum kit available and can afford it, I would recommend this kit without hesitation.” . . . (by an Anonymous user, rmcaudiodirect).

“I definitely recommend this to anyone wanting a pro-quality electronic drumset.” . . . (by da-matt-yo, on MusiciansFriend).

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Roland A: TD-20SX Electronic Drum Set Features

The features of this Roland TD-20SX electronic drum set are many. It is a major upgrade on the earlier TD-20 and TDW-20 sets, and has new V-Pads, new larger V-Kick, as well as new V-Cymbals and V-Hi-Hat. The set has a “brushed chrome” finish and the cymbals have a chrome metallic look. Roland is offering shell wrap kits in either brushed Red Metallic or brushed Blue Metallic which can be purchased as an accessory and installed by the user.

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Roland A: TD-20SX Electronic Drum Set Pros/Cons.

It is the most advanced electronic drum set available from any brand, with the well-known mesh-head pads that perform far better than the pads by any other maker and were said by more than one user to be better for feel than an acoustic kit. The “brain” is second to none, with 920 sounds, 100 kits etc. and allows you to choose mic positioning and beater type as well as the sound itself, also with added ambience, and everything is very customizable.

The new hardware on the Roland TD-20SX Electronic Drum Set provides a very stable and solid setup, which is a big improvement on the earlier versions, and the looks of this kit are stunning too. The improvements on the earlier TD20 are significant, with new sounds and dynamics, as well as the new much-improved hardware. The “key tuning” is said to be remarkable.

Amazon does of course sell the additional components not included in the TD 20SX package, such as kick drum pedal, snare stand, and hi-hat stand.

One of the customer complaints was that to have more than one user preset, you need to pay for additional memory. Other than that, the only consistant complaint was the cost . . . it’s not a cheap kit, but if you are serious about drumming, it’s the best there is, period.

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Alternatives to the Roland A: TD-20SX Electronic Drum Set

There are no real alternatives to the TD-20SX because it is the only “best electronic drum set” there is. The only factor that would really make someone choose a different set is the price, and of course there are many less expensive electronic drum sets available.

Roland produce many other electronic drum sets, from the HD1 which at around $600 is about a tenth of the price of the TD-20SX, up through the TD4S (at under 1000 dollars), the TD9SX (at just over $2000).

Other big name brands that produce electronic drum sets include Yamaha (with sets from just over $300, upwards), and Alesis (with sets from under #300, upwards).

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Roland A: TD-20SX Electronic Drum Set user feedback

Here’s some more comments by people who’ve used the Roland TD-20SX in practice . . .

“Simply the Best Electronic Drums on the Market” . . . (by an anonymous user, rmcdirect).

“One of the best sets ever.” . . . (by Ian Flores, ).

“I highly recommend it to anybody with the money” . . . (by CARNEDU, MusiciansFriend).

“This is THE ultimate electronic drumset” . . . (by iiJames, MusiciansFriend).

“My main reason for loving this kit so much is the sheer amount of customization available” . . . (by Moxxi, MusiciansFriend).

“This kit has an exquisite feel (actually better than acoustic” . . . (by The Space Pope, MusiciansFriend).

“the Roland TD-20SX is THE e-kit of choice.” . . . (by HMC, MusiciansFriend).

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Roland A: TD-20SX Electronic Drum Set Summary

In summary, if you can afford it there is no other choice for “best electronic drum set available”, so why not check the Amazon price for the Roland TD-20SX Electronic Drum Set.
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Roland TD-20SX V-Pro electronic drum set, features
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